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Release Date: 22/07/2016
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1. Carcas
2. Saelel
3. Uvmiel
4. Adoyahel
5. Qaddisin
6. Shahariel
7. Abrimas
8. Bethuel
9. Achusaton
10. Daniel

Album Review

After 12 years and 28 CDs, the “Book of Angels” project is drawing towards completion! For one of the last installments, Zorn turns to AutorYno, a wild power trio of three Paris punk rockers and one of the most powerful bands in the French rock scene. Their third CD for Tzadik presents tunes from the classic “Book of Angels” in a heavy rock context. Metal, Punk, Thrash, Dub and Surf come together in this trance-inducing sledge-hammer reading of some of the strongest and strangest pieces out of the Masada repertoire. One of the last releases in the “Angels” series is also one of the most compelling !
- John Zorn